Kindle, 6″ E Ink Display, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers (Black) Review

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

Kindle, 6

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The specs of ‘Kindle, 6″ E Ink Display, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers (Black)’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Amazon
  • Product Dimensions: 9.2×6.4×1.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“New Kindle Buyer? Thinking about Nook? Read on …”

I got my first Kindle. This is a nice ebook reader. I'm going to jump right in and tell you what I found to be its Pros and Cons. Then I'm going to tell how it compares to its biggest competitor, the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch.Kindle's… Read more

“Do you just want to read a book?? Than this is the kindle for you!”

I have owned a Kindle for several years now. I have had the 2nd generation Kindle and I have had the Kindle Keyboard. When my mom expressed interest in getting a Kindle I decided to give her my Kindle Keyboard because she doesnt have Wifi in her house… Read more

“Great entry level reader”

I travel for work. More and more, I find myself leaving the Kindle Fire at home and traveling with just an e-ink Kindle. So when I broke my Kindle 3, I decided to replace it with this entry level Kindle (without special offers).What's… Read more

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