Wireless IP Home Surveillance Security Camera System with Night Vision Activity Detection Alert Baby Monitor, Remote Monitor with iOS, Android App


🚩One Key WI-FI Configuration
1. Run the “iSmartViewPro” App. Click”More”–“One Key Wifi”, Input WI-FI password and then “Configure”
2. When the phone makes “Beeps” sound, place the phone next to the camera until the camera LED blinks quickly and solid.
3. When you see the camera LED is solid Blue, please Scan QR Code on the camera via tapping”Add Camera”, input password 123456

🚩Package Including
1 x IP Camera
1 x Power adapter
1 x User Manual
1 * Set of mounting screws

🚩Trouble Shooting
A. Please make sure the below notes are correct:
1.Did you scan the QR Code of the camera yet? By click the Add Camera.
2.Is there any special character in your wifi password or wifi name, like ‘ or &? Our camera does not support special symbols as WiFi password settings.
3.This camera does NOT support 5G WI-FI, if your router is 5G, please change it to 2.4G
4.When you input the wifi password and configure the camera, you will hear the sound of beeping, and after that do you see the led blue light blinks slowly—-quickly —-solid?
If yes, you have connected to the wifi. If no, please try to hit the configure button again until the blue LED light comes in solid blue.
If you have followed above steps, still can not connect to wifi, we suggest to reset the camera by press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds, after that please wait for initiating the camera about 1 minute. After that, please re-configurate it.

B. Motion Detection Email Setting
Advanced Settings>Alarm Setting>Motion Detect Armed ON, Save Picture on SD/FTP, Send Email When Alarm
If you need to set Email: Advanced Settings>Mail Setting>Fill in all Blanks including Authentication ON

Product Features

  • 📹 QUICK SET WITH 2.4G WiFi: Download the App and set it up via your iPhone or Andriod smartphone, Sonic Recognition Technology featuring One Key WiFi Configuration makes setup so quick and easyremote access to the wireless security camera on iPhone/ iPad/ Android phone/ tablet/ MAC/PC. If you are an android user, please use the APP: ismartviewpro, If you are an iphone user, please use the APP: ismartviewplus.
  • 📹 NIGHT VISION AND TWO WAY AUDIO: Night vision up to 16-feet – never miss a moment, day or night, with visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. Built-in speaker and microphone, not only can you see what is happening in front of your camera, also you can hear and speak. Tell your dog to get off the couch or tell intruders that the police are on the way.
  • 📹 MOTION DETECTION: Motion Detection with email or push alert notifications based on motion sensing technology. Motion detection sensibility can be adjusted by yourself, When the camera detected abnormity or alarm is triggered, instant alarm pictures will be sent via email/FTP.
  • 📹 HD 720P VIDEO: You can manually adjust the viewing angle, use wireless camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. Mult-view for several home cameras monitoring at the same screen, so you won’t need to switch one camera to another to check what happening for a certain camera.
  • 📹 EASY INSTALLATION: You could Monitor your Pet without any problem even if he stay in the corner. Also you could take the plastic part off and put it on the wall with the included screws, see and hear your Baby sleep and Smile ,Cry when you are in office or anywhere.

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