EZVIZ Action Camera 1080p 60fps 8MP Sports Camera with Great Build Quality, Waterproof 131ft, 2″ Touch Screen Interface,150 Degree Wide-Angle, Low-Light Mode and Built-in WiFi Bluetooth

EZVIZ S2 Lite is the latest Action camera of EZVIZ, whichoffers 1080P FHD recording, maximum 60 FPS high speed recording and 150 angle ultra-wide view range. A camera that achieves a balance between picture quality and power consumption.

Product Features

  • Full HD 1080p at 60 fps and 8MP pictures. Supports different video formats: 1080p 60fps, 1080p 48fps,1080p 30fps,1080p 24fps, 720p 120fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 30fps. Images are recorded at 60 frames/s, so even the license plates of moving vehicles can be captured with ease.
  • 6-Element glass HD lens and 150° ultra wide-angle view for pictures with a greater sense of depth. Fine adhesive bonding technology ensures HD fixed focus and prevents de-focusing.
  • Automatic low-light mode, provides better picture brightness and shadow details. Automatically adapts the frame rate for optimal exposure time. Even when it’s dark, you get bright and detailed video quality.
  • 3μm large high pixel sensor ensures better image quality, Bigger single-pixel area ensures more light intake. Pro-quality images to bring out the beauty of your night shots. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology handles high contrast ratios with ease for outstanding night shots.
  • Waterproof up to 131ft with Waterproof casing, 2 hours battery life in 1080p 60fps mode (varies according to video mode) lets you take pictures anywhere you wish.

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