iPhone Camera Lens, 12x Telephoto Lens + 0.65x Wide Angle & Macro Lenses + 180° Fisheye Lens + Star Filter Lens, Clip-On lenses for iphone 8 7 6s 6 plus, Samsung Smartphones & Tablet

iPhone Camera Lens, 12x Telephoto Lens + 0.65x Wide Angle & Macro Lenses + 180° Fisheye Lens + Star Filter Lens, Clip-On lenses for iphone x 8 7 6s 6 plus, Samsung Smartphones & Tablet

— Please be more patient when attaching the telephoto lens
— Please take off phone case before the clip was placed on, especially thick case like commuter or otterbox

12x Telephoto Lens
With 12x telephoto lens attached to the phone, it does a great job at optically magnifying the image by 12x but the target will stay clear enough if you focus on it correctly.

2 in 1 Wide Angle & Macro Lens
— 0.65x wide angle lens completes a picture when shooting with big group of people.
— Macro lens enables the tiny things to become readable & clear
Min distance: 10-25mm distance.
NOTE: Two lenses are screwed together upon receipt.

180° Fisheye Lens
The 180° fisheye lens has to be a favorite as it has a neat effect showing round, fish bowl effect.

The star filter lens lines radiate outward from bright objects to show better sparkling function of light source.

Professional Lens Kit
◆ Made of advanced Japan glass for high clarity
◆ With BBAR coating to enhance the light transmission
— It shows the picture better color restoration and saturation. Besides, it limits the distortion below 8% for more satisfied shooting experience.
— An ideal lens kit to offer you more fun while shooting!

Delicate Lens Construction
▲The telephoto lens kit is shelled of high quality material for durability
▲Sturdy clip to attach the lens without slipping off
▲It is normal telephoto lens fixed at 12x magnification with manual focus ring
▲Slowly adjust the focus ring to get clear image
— Please readjust the clip position if there is vignetting appears when taking picture.

What you get?
1x telephoto lens
1x wide angle lens
1x macro lens
1x fisheye lens
1x star filter lens
5x caps
1x cleaning cloth
2x clip
1x user manual
1x pouch

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL SHOOTING LENSES: The lens is made of JAPAN optical glass with multi-layers coating to enhance the clarity while shooting. Therefore distortion can be minimized below 8%, which is able to reduce flare and reflection when lens was placed correctly over the phone lens. ☞ Please make sure the telephoto lens focuses on target from at least 3 meters far away for better shooting experience.
  • ATTRACTIVE LENS FUNCTIONS: The 12x telephoto lens allows for a pretty nice close-up of an object from around 100 meters away. The 0.65x wide angle lens completes a photo session of big group. Macro lens enables photography of the structure of small insect eyes, snowflakes, and other minuscule objects. The fisheye lens takes in a 180° hemisphere and projects the scene as a circle within the film frame. The star filter lens reflects the light point and offers us a romantic atmospheres.
  • HELPFUL LENS KIT FOR SELFIES: The telephoto lens kit works with tripod and remote shutter included, which offer stability while shooting. The sturdy adjustable tripod allows us to set phone into the holder after lens was attached. About the remote shutter, it is a nice touch and works well if you want to use the lens kit for selfies, simply pair with your smart phone and then press the button to take photo.
  • 2 IN 1 WIDE ANGLE & MACRO LENSES: This two lenses were attached together upon receipt due to easy storage. Kindly attach the lenses without twisting off the macro lens when enjoying wide angle lens. For trying macro lens, please kindly detach the wide angle lens through the arrow direction shown on the side. ☞ Gently screw the lens to avoid stuck in the clip.
  • WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY: The telephoto lens kit comes with two clips inside, which allow the lens to work with many of different mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, huawei, ipad tablets and many others. The lens kit is used for outdoor sports, filming scenery, watching the nest, concerts or any physical activity, etc.. ☞ Normally Big clip for telephoto lens and small clip for other three small lenses.

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